Twinkle Star

Twinkle Star

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Twinkle Star Melody will be back for our “second step” in our paper piecing journey. Our first step was the Water Wheel, which everyone finished and did a fantastic job! Next on the itinerary is Twinkle Star. Melody will help us finish this quilt in just three months--October, November, and December. She will be at Owl’s Nest Quilters on Tuesday, September 26th to help people color their quilts. This process should take only about an hour. She will help you create a color palette that is specific to you. This will help you select just the right fabrics to make a stunning wall hanging that is uniquely yours.

Patterns are available through ONQ.

Friday, Oct. 6

Registration Deadline: Sept. 22

Instructor: Melody Maskus

Cost: $30.00