Cuddle & Minky

Oh so soft and cuddly, nothing beats Cuddle and Minky for quilts. These fabrics make great backings for traditional quilts and T-shirt quilts. They also make fabulous blankets. 

According the the Internet: "Cuddle® fabric is a brand of fabric. Cuddle® is like the word “Kleenex.” They are brand names. It is a type of fabric called minky, sometimes spelled minkee (another brand name). Minky is a product name like tissue is the product." Another way we think of it is that Minky is a soft, flat, single textured fabric. Cuddle, on the other hand, comes in various textures and weights.

Currently, our Cuddle and Minky is on sale to make way for new inventory. Use the code CUDDLE40 to get 40% off your order of Cuddle and Minky. Sale ends June 30, 2021.