Your Patience is Very Much Appreciated

I know that everyone is weary of the pandemic and the many ways in which life has been interrupted. We are too. 

We are experiencing, like so many others, supply chain interruptions. It is virtually impossible at this point to get certain items. Unfortunately, we are going to have to rely on our stashes, off-brand substitutions, or doing without. Items that are getting more and more difficult to order are thread, zippers, anything with metal, and electronics (including sewing machines).

I've been waiting almost a half a year for some sewing machines that seem to be on perpetual backorder. I am equally frustrated, but there is absolutely nothing I can do to rectify this situation. I, too, have to have patience. 

Fabric arrivals vary by company. Some companies are experiencing fewer delays than others. Some are experiencing massive delays. I've had to cancel orders because they just simply never showed up. 

I know that it is frustrating. Nothing is worse than trying to order things and getting "Out of Stock" messages over and over again. I'm out of stock because I can no longer get certain items. 

I periodically check with my distributors on timelines, but they simply don't know either. The images you see on the news of cargo ship parking lots is true, and the situation is affecting us all. 

Please be patient with us. I am trying to keep key, staple items in stock, but so too are all the other shops in the country. We are all vying for the same diminished supplies. I'm placing more frequent, smaller orders in the hopes of getting in the queue before others to get those items that are almost out of stock.

I'm putting on my big girl patience panties when I continue to wait for machines that people have ordered that I still don't have.

Please know that I am doing what I can to order what I can when I can. I ask for your patience as we all struggle to get through this situation that, unfortunately, isn't going to end any time soon.

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