What's Bobbin the Elf Gotten Into Now?!

Bobbin the Elf, our version of Elf on the Shelf, is up to his typical antics! Goodness gracious! He is getting into everything while we are home resting after a long day chasing after him and finding him in all kinds of trouble. Every now and then we find him and capture a picture of his shenanigans. Once in a while, Bobbin will get so busted that we have nothing else to do but pass on his antics to you. Day 1, Bobbin got tangled up in patterns. We put the mess in buckets and are passing the savings onto you. For the month of December, Bobbin's "picks" will be on sale for just $5.00. Buy in store on online.

Be sure to keep track of Bobbin's trouble making daily on our Facebook and Instagram pages. I'm pretty sure that more of his antics will yield savings for you to enjoy. 

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