We Have a Secret Surprise!

We have a secret surprise coming soon!! We are expecting our surprise to arrive in the shop in June, but given all the shipping delays we have experienced in the past, it may be a bit later. In any event, our secret should be revealed in the next month or so.

I'll give you a few hints....but you have to wait for the unveiling. Keep watch for an unboxing video as we fully expose our secret surprise.

You know that we have a passion for and love of our state. Colorado is one of the greatest places in the United States to live. Colorado boasts a plethora of quilt and fiber artists, many of which we carry in our shop and can be found in our "Celebrate Colorado" section of our website. It's probably a fair bet to say that our surprise has something to do with celebrating our state, and maybe even Grand Junction in particular.

Now, we are a quilt shop, so....might it have something to do with quilting? Perhaps. Will it have uses beyond quilting? Indeed. Will anyone else have this surprise? Absolutely not! This will be exclusive to Owl's Nest Quilters and cannot be reproduced anywhere else. It is particular to our shop, to our passions, and to our love for creating.

What in the world could this be? Be sure to keep watch on our website, in social media, and in our shop. The surprise will be unveiled as soon as we receive it. We know this is going to be something you are going to love!

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