Solid Quilting

Using solids can be frightening. After all, there is nothing to distract the eye away from--well, anything. But using nothing but solids can make for some incredibly beautiful and dramatic results.

QuiltCon, Quilting Daily's magazine, features four solid quilts this month that are simply spectacular. 

Using solid fabrics makes us focus on the design and the color combinations. It also makes us focus on the quilting. Notice the quilting here. It is simply and beautifully channel quilting--with a walking foot. In fact, all four featured quilts in the recent issue of QuiltCon were completed with channel quilting.



Lucky Number 13 


 S Marks the Spot

If you are interested in learning to quilt with your walking foot, our very own Chris Johnson offers classes at the shop. Keep watch on our website.

These patterns, including the featured quilt, Bear with Me, are for sale on the Quilting Daily website. Simply click on the hot text. Quilting Daily is an excellent resource for quilters for classes, patterns, and inspiration.


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