Small Business Saturday

Help us celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 26, 2022, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Small Business Saturday started as a campaign launched by American Express on Nov. 27, 2010, to help small businesses gain exposure and to inspire consumers to shop within their own communities during the holiday season. The day became official in 2011. Since then, the campaign has gained momentum every year.

Small businesses are the lifeline of America. Most small businesses . . .

1. stock USA products as much as possible, keeping our American economy strong and jobs within our own borders. Try finding a USA brand in a big box store.

2. have a mission for providing high-quality products, ones that you can't find at a big box store.

3. specialize in one or two areas, thereby being experts in what they offer. Try to find an expert in a big box store. It is more difficult than finding that proverbial needle in a haystack. 

4. keep money local. We pay our local employees and buy locally whenever possible. 

At Owl's Nest Quilters, we offer USA-made products whenever possible. We are highlighting those products in a series of blog posts. We provide only the highest-quality products--ones that we use ourselves. Yes, you can buy the same type of items at big box stores for less, but we stand by our products and know from experience their superior quality. We specialize in sewing, quilting, and machine embroidery. We have the expertise you need to grow in your art. 

We keep as much money as possible local. We hire local companies to assist us in our operations and services. We offer products from local Colorado artists. And we support our community with charitable donations. 

Times are tough. And it isn't likely that these tough times are going to pass quickly. We need to make every dollar count. Paying a bit more and supporting a small business is the best use of your dollars in the long run. It may be a struggle or a sacrifice at first, but over time, it will be to your advantage. 

Products overseas are being made more and more cheaply, yet the prices are going up. These products may be affordable at first, but after having to get it repaired or replaced one or more times, you would have done better to part with the money upfront and gotten a higher quality product.

True story: A customer bought two big box sewing machines for about $80 each. After bringing in the second one to us for repairs, which we were unable to do, we showed her one of our low-end machines. For, at that time, $110.00, she would have had a machine that would have lasted for years. In the end, she spent $270.00 altogether. If she would have spent just $30.00 more in the beginning, she could have saved herself $160.00!

Support your local small businesses on Small Business Saturday. We will have a radio remote broadcasting on the Vault and the Monkey. We will have steals and deals all day long. Stop by and see the difference of what we can offer you.


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