Learn to Sew with Ms. Mary: A Sewing Camp for Kids

I have very fond memories as a child sitting with my grandmother on a couch, nestled into her side as close as I could get and watching her knit or crochet. My grandmother taught me these two art forms. I'm not sure where the sewing came into play because as my mother claimed, she couldn't even thread a needle. It must have been in my junior high Home Economics classes where I learned both the art of and love for sewing. 

Not everyone has a family member or friend who can teach them the art of sewing, and Home Economics hasn't been in school curriculums for decades. Young people aren't getting the exposure to the domestic arts except through outside art programs.

The Grand Junction Art Center is teaming up with Owl's Nest Quilters (ONQ) to provide two separate art camps for children ages 7-12 who are interested in learning how to sew. Instructors from the Art Center will be at ONQ to teach beginning sewing on Monday, November 22 and 29 from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. The second camp will be during the Christmas break on Monday, December 20 and 27.

If you are interested, please contact the Art Center at (970) 243-7337. They are located at 1803 N. 7th St., Grand Junction, CO 81501. All registrations will take place at the Art Center. You can also register online at https://gjartcenter.org/classes/youth-classes/learn-sew-ms-mary.

In the November sessions, kids will learn basic machine operations and sew a simple patchwork top that they will make into a pillow. The project kit is included in the registration cost. Additional kits can be purchased separately at ONQ.

In the December sessions, kids will sew a pillowcase and tote. Students taking the December sessions must have taken the November sessions as a pre-requisite.

We also request that an adult accompany the child and be present for the sessions to assist the child and ensure safety.

If you know a child who might be interested in learning to sew, please alert them to this awesome opportunity to learn an art that will last a lifetime.

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