Scan 'N Cut Tutorial: The Fabric Mat

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Please note that we have a YouTube channel in which we have posted several Scan 'N Cut tutorials and will continue to do so as time allows.

The purpose of this blog is to address particular questions/concerns/problems addressed on Facebook regarding the Scan 'N Cut.

The Fabric Mat

The fabric mat is a game changer. What a relief not having to put that blasted fabric support sheet on! This change alone makes investing in a newer model of the Scan 'N Cut worth it.

The fabric mat is, as the name suggests, for fabric--ONLY! This is the stickiest mat you can get at this point. Anything else stuck to the mat will not come off. (Ask me how I know?) In terms of the fabric, though, it is only bare naked fabric. Nothing else. You can use starch or Terial Magic, but nothing else. Never ever use a fusible web product with your fabric mat. You will have a mess like this one that I took a screen shot of:

Unfortunately, this user used a fusible web product on the back of the fabric and stuck it to the fabric mat. This is what you will get--fusible on the mat, none on the fabric.

Use the fabric mat for cottons that aren't needing a fusible web. For example, you can cut out your quilt or project pieces with precision on the fabric mat and applique shapes for your machine embroidery projects. Use the fabric blade when cutting quilting cotton fabrics.

You can also use the fabric mat for cutting felt, leather, cork, wool, and flannel. When cutting leather and cork, put the right side down on the mat and be sure to reverse your design. When cutting these fabrics, use the rotary blade. See my blog about the rotary blade for more information about this blade. These fabrics will leave a lot of residue on your mat. Clean the mat well and often.

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