Scan 'N Cut Tutorial: The Rotary Blade

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Please note that we have a YouTube channel in which we have posted several Scan 'N Cut tutorials and will continue to do so as time allows.

The purpose of this blog is to address particular questions/concerns/problems addressed on Facebook regarding the Scan 'N Cut.

The Rotary Blade

The rotary blade has a specific purpose. It is designed to cut such fabrics as felt, leather, wool, and flannel. It is not intended for cotton fabrics.  It isn't that you can't use the rotary blade on cotton, but it isn't the best choice to make.

Use the rotary blade on fabrics that get caught up when using the fabric blade. The fabric blade (like the other blades) are similar to an Exacto blade. You stab and drag the blade to cut. Flimsy fabrics cannot withstand the dragging action. It is for this reason that the rotary blade was invented. Just like our rotary cutters, the blade slides along the surface of the fabric to cut, making it perfect for those fibers that move under pressure.

When using these flimsy fabrics, you will want to use your fabric mat or a mat with a fabric support sheet. The felts and wools will leave a lot of residue, so clean your mat well and often. When cutting cork and leather, put the right side face down on the mat. You will get a much better hold this way. Remember to reverse your design when you do this. 

The rotary blade is big and bulky. It isn't going to be able to cut delicate, intricate designs with ease like the fabric blade would. The rotary blade is best for larger designs. You will notice that your fabric is actually nicked if the design is too tight. This can often be covered with stitching or in seam allowances, but it is something to be aware of. The last thing to be aware of is that the rotary blade bounces around a lot more than the other blades. It is constantly repositioning itself to make the cuts. It isn't a smooth action cut, especially if the design has a lot of curves and turns.

When used correctly on the intended fabrics, the rotary blade cuts like butter. It is great to be able to cut wool finally, given that we have so many cute wool applique designs on the market.

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