Scan 'N Cut Tutorial: To Resurface Your Mat or Not

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Please note that we have a YouTube channel in which we have posted several Scan 'N Cut tutorials and will continue to do so as time allows.

The purpose of this blog is to address particular questions/concerns/problems addressed on Facebook regarding the Scan 'N Cut.

Resurfacing Your Scan 'N Cut Mat

There are strong opinions one way or the other regarding whether to resurface your Scan 'N Cut mats or not. I am of the firm belief that you should not resurface them. Let me explain why.

I strongly believe that most of the problems that people are having with their mats is because they are either knock-offs or have been resurfaced. Brother has a specific formula for its adhesives that cannot be replicated. You can see the quality of the product when you first take it out of its packaging. The adhesive is smooth and even and very sticky. 

When you remove the adhesive and try to reapply another glue, you probably have areas that aren't completely clean and the glue is never applied evenly. The glues that people are using aren't sticky enough either. When your mats aren't right, your project won't be right either.

Throughout all my tutorials regarding the Scan 'N Cut (and really anything), I stress how much quality matters. Why do we go to a quilt shop to buy fabric? Because quality matters. Why do we buy our sewing and embroidery machines from a dealer? Because quality matters. Why should we replace our mats with the real thing? Because quality matters.

I have no problems with my cutting when I am using the right materials with the right tools. The Brother mats are more expensive than other brand mats. But there, too, you get what you pay for. Quality matters but it also costs a little more.

I can waste supplies doing things wrong or not having them come out right over and over again. By the time I go through all that expense and frustration, a new mat might end up being the less expensive option. 

If you take care of your mats, they can and will last a long time. See my blog about maintaining your mats.

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