Scan 'N Cut Tutorial: Cleaning and Maintaining Your Mats

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Please note that we have a YouTube channel in which we have posted several Scan 'N Cut tutorials and will continue to do so as time allows.

The purpose of this blog is to address particular questions/concerns/problems addressed on Facebook regarding the Scan 'N Cut.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Mats

Most everyone knows that baby wipes are a great, quick way to clean your mats between cuts. Make sure that the wipes are as cheap as possible. This is the one case when cheaper is better. We don't want any additives that the more expensive brands can have. We just want none alcohol-based, none perfumed, and low lint wipes. These wipes are great for the quick clean but not for the deep clean.

When cutting on any mat, you will get scoring lines. When you are cutting too deep, you will actually cut the mat clean through which isn't good. Scoring can't be avoided but it is also what traps fibers, lint, dirt, and grease that can cause your mat to become less sticky.

For a deep clean, use a scrubbing sponge such as the ones pictured here.

I have used several different kinds and this one seems to be better than others for our purposes. Just use the refills. They are small and fit well into the hand. Using a little dish soap and water, gently scrub the mat. Move around the mat in all directions to loosen those fibers from the scoring crevasses. You will be amazed by how much you pick up from your mat! Don't scrub too hard. You aren't removing the adhesive, you are dislodging the fibers. Rinse the mat and allow it to air dry. Once completely dry, the mat will be sticky again.

Eventually, your mat will get so worn that it won't be as effective for its original use. It is at this point that you either demote your mat to a different status/use or you pitch it and get a new one. The fabric mat, for example, can be demoted after awhile to a standard or low tack mat once it loses its effectiveness with fabric. Simply use a Sharpie and write its new use on the mat. The mat may no longer be good for using with fabric but it can be used with paper, for example.

Taking care of your mats and cleaning them will not only help them last longer, but you will also get better results with your cutting.

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