Trends: Quilts with a message

COVID-19 and quilting memorial quilts quilts with a message

For the next several weeks and months, I am going to highlight different trends in quilting—both old and new—that are relevant today and can be sources of inspiration for your next quilting or sewing project. Up first. . . . . . . quilts with a message.

Quilts have always been a source of communication. Every quilt tells a story. And sometimes that story has far reaching influence. Whether fact or fiction, the idea of quilts being used on the Underground Railroad to communicate to runaway slaves is both an intriguing idea and a plausible one. Quilts communicate. They can say volumes. Those of us who lived during the 80s witnessed the AIDS memorial quilt grow from one man’s personal tribute to a loved one to a national tribute for all those who tragically lost their lives to AIDS. No matter your views, few could resist being affected by this amazing tribute to lives tragically lost.

During this time of great death and mourning, quilting can again provide both comfort and a message. If you are dealing with the death of a loved one, quilt a memorial for that person. I did this as a way of healing from my mother’s passing from ovarian cancer. I made a wall hanging crazy quilt in her memory. If you have lost someone to COVID-19, consider memorializing your loved one in a quilt. Create a t-shirt quilt, a crazy quilt, a patchwork quilt, a message quilt, or a portrait quilt to name just a few ideas. Quilting is both healing and telling. Quilt your message.

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