Quilt Trends: The Hexie Quilt

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Hexie quilts immediately conjure images of grandmother’s house or of the heirloom hexie quilt that has been passed down in your family. Although hexie quilts have never truly gone away, they have experienced a backroom or basement status in the goals that we have as quilters to pursue. In a quilting culture where quick and easy has become the mantra, hexies do not take center stage. These quilts are by reputation extremely time consuming, not only in the prep work but in the actual piecing time as well. Hexies, however, are experiencing a resurgence in interest and in technology.

Templates have been around for awhile and have come in a variety of ways. From stencils to acrylic to paper, these templates have been met with varying degrees of success. We also have the slotted ruler and the hexie punch.


The race to find the perfect hexie solution continues. Moda Fabrics offers a variety of potential solutions.

They have the ever wonderful paper cut outs for which you simply add your 1/4" seam allowance around the finished sized template. They come in a variety of sizes. We offer the 1" variety (click picture).

Moda has added the Honey Comb to their line of pre-cuts. The Honey Comb contains 240 1-1/2” hexies. These pre-cut pieces obviously streamline the cutting process, and who can challenge the accuracy of laser cut pieces?

But, if you like the process of cutting your own pieces in your own chosen fabrics, Moda now has water soluble templates. These templates stay in your project giving it stability while you sew and quilt it. Once washed, 50% of the fibers wash away, leaving the other 50% to continue to give your project a crisp look with a soft feel.

I’ve not tried these templates, but based on my experience with this type of wash away product in machine embroidery, it has great potential to be a viable solution to the hexie challenge.

And, of course, it isn’t Moda unless we can also add some bling.

Yes, the hexie has been elevated to the status of jewelry. Moda has a fun hexie necklace to commemorate your victory in making your first or most expeditious hexie quilt. Or just wear it because it is cute. Why wouldn't it be? It's Moda!

The hexie quilt isn't gone, and I hope it will never slip into oblivion. Like everything, it ebbs and flows in popularity. Perhaps in 2020, we have learned to slow down and enjoy the process of quilting like we used to when we first started on this journey. Hexies might just be the ticket to get us back on track, slow down, and enjoy the process of creating once again.

*Cover photo is from Red Pepper Quilts.

Experiment with hexies with these two simpler, more manageable quilts before taking on something more intricate. Click on the picture to order.


We also have Moda's Honey Comb pre-cut hexies and a great pattern, Simply Sweet, to further your exploration into and appreciation for hexie quilts.

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