Our Shipping Guarantee

As much as we rely on technology and think that we can't live without it or that it will someday replace us, there is still a need for the human element. Our website is programmed to calculate postage rates according to weight, not size or configuration of the item(s). As such, when you see the shipping rate, you may be surprised. Rest assured, the human intervention will come on the other end of your transaction.

If it is possible, we will ship your item(s) the most inexpensive way. Sometimes the computer calculated correctly, but other times it doesn't. When that happens, we will refund the difference between what we actually paid for shipping and what you paid. This is our guarantee to you.

As always, we appreciate your business. Supporting small businesses as opposed to the big box stores is supporting our communities. More of the dollars spent locally or with small businesses stays in those communities. Not so with the big guys. We appreciate your support.


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