Not All Fabric is Equal

Not all fabric is equal. It is a fact. Even fabric sold at quilt shops can be of varying degrees of quality. 

I recently agreed to do a favor for someone. She asked me to cut out an applique for her on my Scan 'N Cut. She gave me her fabric--from a quilt shop--and the design. When I cut out the applique, I thought that something was wrong with my machine or with my blade. The fabric was extremely difficult to get off the mat and it shredded and disintegrated in some areas. The end result was quite literally a hot mess.

Rather than getting mad at my machine, I thought I would try fabric that I sell. My machine performed beautifully. The cuts were crisp and the fabric released from the mat smoothly. Delicate areas maintained their shape.

You can see the difference. The cuts on top were made using my fabric. The cuts on the bottom from another quilt shop. 


Some of the frustration that people have with their Scan 'N Cut machines can quite easily be solved by using different, more high quality materials. I know I keep stressing this point, but I guess I can't stress it enough that you truly get what you pay for. 

To have the best results with anything that we do, using high-quality products is paramount. I can't imagine what this fabric is going to do after the first washing. What a shame it would be to have spent the money and time to create a quilt or garment only to see it disintegrate after the first washing.

I know that we all have to be mindful of our finances. I'm right there with you. When it comes to my quilting and crafting, though, I don't cut corners. I cut corners in other areas that don't matter as much. I use generic products rather than brand names. I shop discount and dollar stores. I forgo doing some activities so that I have the money to buy those high-quality supplies. I want the time I spend on my work to mean something and the products I make to last. 

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