Made in the USA: Creative Grids

One of the lessons I had hoped that we would have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic was the need to bring jobs and the manufacturing of products back home. Well, that didn't happen.

I've always been a proponent of American-made products. I was pleased when I received my Small Business Administration loan to see that the SBA requires that I purchase USA products as much as possible. It showed me that at least one governmental agency values supporting our own country first as paramount in our nation's survival.

USA products are, for the most part, unfortunately, more expensive than products made overseas. Labor laws are different in the States than elsewhere. To adhere to those laws, products must be sold at a higher price. Quality standards are, by and large, also different in American-made products, and those standards cost money. Knowing that I am supporting people and communities at home, though, makes those higher prices worth paying.

I was recently ranting in the shop about the difficulties we are still having getting products from overseas. These supply chain issues are still wreaking havoc on small businesses that don't offer 20 different brands of the same item, like big box stores do. We care about the products we carry and believe in them. When they are out, they are out. I generally don't have an equal substitute to offer.

Whenever I can, I do buy American-made products. I wish that we had more options for buying American-made products in our industry. In another periodic blog, titled Made in the U.S.A., I will highlight our American-made products that we carry and that we believe in. 

First up..... Creative Grids.

Creative Grids rulers are made in the United States. With 155 different rulers and templates, Creative Grids is a tough act to beat. They produce the most diverse line of rulers and templates in the world. Their products are designed by many of the top names in the quilting industry to make our next project easier and accurate. When they see a need for a new tool, Creative Grids will create it!

Ever wonder why Creative Grids features a fox in its logo? Sheila Waterfield of Leicester, England, essentially started Creative Grids in 1989. The fox pays tribute to Sheila's hometown, Leicester, and to Sheila's memory. The company remains a family business.

If you haven't tried these rulers, you are missing out. They truly are superior to all other rulers in our industry.

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