Long Arm Be Gone (or at least saved for special occasions)

I have long admired the work of long arm quilters. It is a skill I have tried and will probably never rise even to the level of novice. I’m OK with that. We can’t all possess the same skills, and I can just remain in awe of the talent of these artists.

BUT, with new technologies in the sewing and embroidery world, I can achieve great results using my Brother Dream, Stellaire, or Luminaire machine. Quilting trends have risen to new heights. No longer is overall quilting the only option. We also have straight-line quilting, edge-to-edge quilting, free motion quilting, and now embroidery-fill quilting, to name just a few that our amazing machines can now do. The picture here was done by an incredibly talented long-arm quilter—Kathleen Riggins of Kathleenquilts.com. Those of us who do not possess this talent can achieve similar results with our embroidery machines. Combining fill-stitch quilting, echo quilting, feed-dogs up quilting, we can quilt our own work with amazing results.

We are experimenting with different techniques of quilting in both the Dream Big panel class and the Grunge Love Club. Join us via Zoom. There is no reason any more to miss out on these opportunities that have evolved out of recent health restrictions. Check out our calendar of classes and supply lists. Purchase the class right online and be a part of our quilting community.

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