License to Create

There has been a lot of hooting and hollering about the License to Create program we are doing with RNK/Hope Yoder. We are so excited about this program. When you purchase the subscription, you get all the RNK products and designs to do 12 really cute, fun, and a bit challenging projects. You will learn different techniques with each project and use different fabrics and materials. In addition, you also get detailed instructions, how-to videos, and bonus designs. The program is packed with product, projects, and inspiration that will take your embroidery into new directions.

Beginning in April, we are offering stitch-out days during which I will share tips and tricks to help make your projects as successful as possible. If you would like to join us, we will be live on Zoom but will also record each session and post it on our private Facebook group for License to Create. If you would like to be a part of our FB group, please contact us so we can invite you. Classes are $20 for each session. We are meeting twice a month and working on one project each session. Our schedule of projects is listed in our supply lists on our website. Refer to our calendar for class days.

We are also combining our LTC program with Embellish Maker. If you have Embellish Maker software or are interested in it, please join us on Zoom. We are meeting twice a month as well. These classes will teach you the ins and outs of Embellish Maker software. For the last two hours, we will work on our LTC designs and show you how to make changes or add designs and techniques. Refer to our calendar for these class days. These classes are also $20 per class session.

The EM software classes and the LTC stitch out days are beginning in April and will go through September. Class times are Mountain time. We would love to have you join us!

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