Let's Make Our Own Fabric!

Let's make our own fabric! I mean, why not? We will be offering several classes that will introduce you to different techniques for making your own fabric. 

First up.... March's (3/31) Scan 'N Cut class is branching off onto a different road. We are going to use our cutting machine to make stamps that can then be used to embellish fabric. We will cut out the stamp images on the SNC, apply that image to a foundation, and, with a textile ink or paint, apply that image to fabric. This will open up a whole new avenue for using and enjoying your SNC.

In April, Teresa is bringing a technique out of the past to the present--flower pounding! By literally pounding foliage--flowers, grasses, leaves--you can create your own unique, one-of-a-kind fabric to use in your creations. Combine this with the stamps made with your SNC, and you have something that will be so uniquely yours. Be sure to bring ear plugs or turn off your hearing aids. This gets loud!

We are also offering a class in making your own batik fabric. Nick Comer, a LA fashion designer who now lives in Ridgeway, will be at Owl's Nest Quilters to teach us one technique for creating a batik using ice cubes! Join us for this hands-on experience with Nick and create your own, one-of-a-kind batik fabrics. 


Beware! These techniques could become addictive! Signing up for these classes must be a decision you make solely on our own. Owl's Nest Quilters assumes no responsibility for any ensuing addictions, sustained and continual separations from loved ones, or an increase in your desire to make your fabric.

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