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You see it on the news, read about it in the newspaper, and hear it on the radio—everyone is championing the small business during this time of intense struggle. Small business, some of which had been in business for decades, are, sadly, closing their doors. Many more small businesses are limping along, staying just above the waterline, treading as fast as they can to keep pace. At the same time, customers are also struggling to pay bills and keep food on the table. Small businesses rely on local customers, who are also finding times difficult and money scarce. So how can we support the small business when we don’t have the funds ourselves to do so?

The answer is actually quite easy and absolutely free. Small businesses rely on word-of-mouth advertising. In this age of social media, word-of-mouth advertising can stretch far and wide expanding a small business’ customer base—if people spread the word. Small businesses need their customers to help spread the word about their business using the vast number of resources available on the Internet.

Help spread the word about Owl’s Nest Quilters on the sites below. Just click on the picture. Please consider giving us a review and/or liking us as often as you can about our posts and about your experiences at the shop. Thank you for your support! This small business appreciates and thanks you for your unyielding help and support through the good times and the bad.







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