Distracted Sewing

Researchers have been conducting studies on distracted driving for years. Yet it continues to be a significant problem despite the statistics. In a poll taken in 2021 and reported by The Zebra, an online car insurance company, respondents admitted to doing other activities while driving. Eating came in first with over half admitting to eating while driving. Texting came in second with almost a quarter admitting to texting while driving. Other activities included taking photos, applying makeup, and even drinking while driving.

Another distracted activity that is gaining attention is distracted walking. Distracted walking accidents, injuries, and even fatalities are on the rise and being litigated in our court system. The most common culprit? Staring at your cell phone. Walking while on a cell phone can lead to a variety of accidents and fatalities.

Distracted sewing, a yet unresearched topic, is also on the rise. How many of us can claim an impaled finger or thumb? Raise your hand if you have ever sewn your clothing into your project? A common thread (pun intended) throughout all these is the cell phone. Yes, cell phone usage and sewing can lead to a variety of accidents and injuries.

It is fun to watch how many people set their machines on go and turn their attention to their cell phones. Now, not all problems arise from cell phone usage while sewing. I let my mind wander and before I know it, I’m in an internal heated discussion with myself and not paying any attention whatsoever to what I’m sewing. Not only does this lead to the possibility of injury, it also leads to some mighty interesting sewing results.

According to Sewing Society, an online blog about sewing, these 9 common accidents can cause mild to serious injury:

  • Hit in the eye by a needle
  • Sewing through your finger or hand
  • Stepping on a pin
  • Tripping over your machine's cord
  • Burned by your iron
  • Cut by your rotary cutter
  • Swallowing pins
  • Backache from hunching while sewing
  • Hair getting caught in your machine

 Although accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common is simply distracted sewing. We have so much on our plates and on our minds, so much so that many of us have multiple machines going at the same time to try to finish more and more projects. We let our minds wander, we look at our cell phones, we talk while sewing, and so on.

Like distracted driving and walking, distracted sewing is more common than we want to admit. Slow down! Concentrate on the activity at hand. Be in the present with your project. Enjoy the process. There is nothing that can kill our creativity and enjoyment of what we do than rushing. It can also lead to having to use our seam rippers and going to the ER. Remember why you do what you do—Because You Love to Create. Our tagline can hopefully serve as a reminder to help you slow down and enjoy the process.

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