Did You Know....?

Did you know that Owl's Nest Quilters has a YouTube channel? You can subscribe to our channel and see shop offerings and learn helpful tips and tricks for machine maintenance and machine parts. 

We are currently running a series of videos on several of our favorite specialty feet. Brother offers a plethora of feet, many of which come standard with your machine. But they also offer feet that are extra add-ons that can enhance what you can do with these already amazing machines. Teresa takes one foot and introduces you to what it is capable of doing and how it can add ease and/or dimension to your sewing projects.

Our technician, Tom, is also doing a series of classes helping you to learn your machine and how to take care of it. Many repair issues can be prevented with just a little tender loving care of your machine. Learn what you can do to reduce the number of times you take your baby girl in for a doctor's visit. She still needs to go in for her annual wellness check, but you should be able to limit the number of times you need to bring her in for other minor visits. 

Click on the image below and be whisked off to our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe so you are always in the know!

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