Beginning Piecing: Picking out your first pattern

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If you are new to piecing quilts or a beginner, hopefully I can provide you with some tips and tricks that I find very helpful in getting better results.

Selecting Your First or a Beginner Pattern

Selecting the right pattern is key. If you pick one that is too far above your skill level, you may become frustrated and give up, which we want to avoid. Beginner patterns are ones that use a lot of straight lines. Cozy Quilt Designs' Parallel Universe would make a great first quilt. It is interesting and looks more complex than it really is. Villa Rosa Designs also has great patterns that would be perfect for new or beginner quilters.

Maple Island Quilts has a series of great beginner patterns that are just fabulous designs for any level really. Check out their BQ patterns, which are so popular that they have designed seven so far. We are expecting BQ7 to come any day now.

Other patterns you might consider are Latte Vanilla Quilts and Just Blocks

The important things to look for are straight lines in strips and boxes. Avoid points like with diamonds and triangles. That will come later. For now, think simple. But simple doesn't mean boring. Simple lines can make awesome, complicated looking quilts that focus more on the fabric rather than the pattern.

Selecting Your Fabric

After deciding on your pattern, get the required fabric. Picking out the fabric is one of the most challenging parts of quilt making as far as I'm concerned. I do have a difficult time doing this. Fortunately, there are great people at the quilt shop who can help me.

One way of finding the fabric for your project, though, is to select fabrics from a collection. These fabrics are designed to go together and will coordinate perfectly. Another way is to pick a fabric that you particularly like and build off of it. Go to your local quilt shop to get the help and the quality fabrics you need for your pattern.

A Note About Fabric Quality

Quality does make a difference. Quality quilting cotton is more expensive. But if you want your project to last, spending that money is essential. The old adage that you get what you pay for is true. Big box chain stores do not carry high quality fabric. The fibers break down even after the first washing. If you are going to spend hours and hours on a project, you probably want it to last. 

So gather up your pattern, fabrics, and supplies and next time we will talk about preparing and cutting your fabric.

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