A Sneak Peek into 2022 Trends

Emerging from a pandemic that most of us have never experienced before left us with feelings and trends that will continue into 2022. Fashion (and therefore fabric) has adopted some trends that will impact what we carry and offer at Owl’s Nest Quilters.

Coming out of somber 2020/2021 is going to take a special color. The color for 2022 is none other than yellow. Yellow, the color of the sun, connotes life and hope. All colors shades, hues, and variations in chromaticness are fair game for 2022. Our Grunge yellows will help get you started in your explorations into this happy, hopeful color but yellowy oranges and yellowy reds also count.

During the quarantine period, people grew accustomed to comfort--wearing and cuddling in soft, furry fabrics. Fabrics like flannel and cuddle will continue to be favorite go-tos in 2022. Currently, our Minky, Cuddle, and terry cloth fabrics are on sale so we can clear out inventory and bring in some new luxurious fabrics. Minky and Cuddle make great backings for quilts and t-shirt quilts. They also make wonderful pillows, stuffies, clothing items and so on. Be sure to check out Shannon Fabrics’ collection of free patterns.

People also became their own fashion designers and repurposed or upscaled items they already owned because stores weren’t open. As all of us crafters know, once you have the experience of creating your own masterpieces, you are in it for life. 2020 and 2021 saw an increase in DIY-ers who will remain lifelong crafters. Moreover, the current generation is committed to recycling and repurposing just about everything—including clothing. Clothing can be wonderful fabric to use in quilts, which, of course, is the root of quiltmaking.

We are seeing not only an increase in the number of t-shirt quilts people are making, but also in the creativity within this genre of quiltmaking. People are using more than just t-shirts. They are using other types of clothing items in “life” quilts, using such items as bibs and child clothing, first school outfits or uniforms, sports uniforms and t-shirts, wedding items, and so on. The field is wide open to what can be included in a life quilt. Backing t-shirt quilts with Cuddle and Minky make these quilts especially cozy. The National Quilters Circle offers a tutorial for making a t-shirt quilt.

Old clothing can also be used to make sensory lap blankets for people suffering from degenerative brain diseases. And, of course, donating clothing—another type of repurposing—to thrift stores provides local jobs. Speaking of thrift stores…they are awesome places to get items to repurpose. I have used belts and worn-out purses for their hardware, blouses and jackets for their buttons, and clothes for their fabric. It is endless what you can find at a thrift store to reuse and repurpose.

According to the Sourcing Journal, an online resource that reports on fashion and fabric trends, this interest in repurposed crafts “also makes room for artisan ikat, folk prints, ditsy florals, and paisley flourishes.” It is a return to times associated with being free in spirit and stress. Fabrics coming out on the fashion scene in 2022 will also include houndstooth, stripes, and animal prints. Hmmm, I may have to beef up my animal print offerings, but we do have a few from the Savannah collection.

Quilted patchwork is also making a comeback. Repurpose those worn out or sentimental clothes into a patchwork quilt. Patchwork your favorite fabrics and colors in a jacket. Remember those? Well, what’s old becomes new again—eventually.

This patchwork jacket--a trend that is gaining renewed momentum--is for sale at Saks Fifth Avenue for $355. Patchwork purses are also always fun to make. Janet’s Tote is perfect for patchwork. The purse sections (front, back, handles, bottom, and flap) can all be different fabrics or create your own fabric by piecing fabrics together first.

Although we have emerged from our PJs and sweatpants, we grew accustomed to comfort. Comfort doesn’t need to mean ugly! We have great comfy fabrics that are perfect for creating fashionable garments and works of art.

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